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Thank you.

I want to thank you all for the warm reception you have given my Star Stitch Hoodie Scarf. Heartwarming it is indeed to know that somewhere out there are some supportive readers who take the time to share my post too. For that, I am very grateful. I look forward to seeing your projects as well and getting your feedback on the pattern.

I know that my writing skills still need some {uhm, I mean many} work and improvement.  There are many things yet to learn and practice.  Craftsy offers a class on improving crochet techniques.  I might enroll on that one to help me hone my skills even better.  Crochet pattern writing is the first craft I can (seemingly) see a future in.  The future where I may {maybe} bridge the gap between work and play - Then one does not feel that its work any more because she is doing something she loves.  That would be awesome, right? Wouldn't it be great to make a good design that will be widely accepted and that fellow crafters would actually sacrifice their hard-earned money to buy and make?  Hoping and ever hoping some more that one day I would be that kind of designer who would introduce to the world a great design and a crochet pattern that others could actually follow.  How about you?

Is there something you wish you could do with your crafts?

Here are some of the patterns that I am able to publish since I started crocheting in October last year.  I present to you my Pink Bow Hair Clip, an excellent gift for your little girls or tweens.  The Flower Stitch Infinity Scarf is a real head turner.  I made a yellow one and a red one for myself and the compliments I receive for these are quite awesome.  The yellow one especially, everytime I wear, it seems new to my friends.  It's probably because of the cheerfulness and freshness of the yellow color.  A great relief from the dreary, cold winter we've been having.

Red Flower Stitch Infinity Scarf

Red Flower Stitch Infinity Scarf

For your little ones,here's cute baby blankie that you can attach to another cute amigurumi toy.  This is actually the first crochet written pattern I have ever made.  It's fun to make it in different colors. 

Red Flower Stitch Infinity Scarf

Yellow Flower Stitch Infinity Scarf

Yellow Flower Stitch Infinity Scarf

Would you like to make your own patterns, too, someday?
If you decide to make any of this, I would really like to see you projects too.  Please share with me on any of the social media links below.  Your sharing this blogpost is very, very much appreciated.

I hope that you enjoy your day!

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