Flower Stitch Infinity Scarf | FREE Crochet Pattern for Beginners (with Annotations)

You've seen these pictures in this blogs very often now... Would you like to give crocheting this lovely scarf a try?  You only need three stitches in the pattern: chain, treble stitch (1 stitch higher than a double crochet) and slip know.  Pretty easy, right?

Here is my first ever written pattern.

Crochet Pattern
Crochet Hook Size 6.5 mm
Worsted weight yarn (size 4) - or any color of your choice really...
Tapestry Needle
Stitch Marker

Skills Needed:
Treble Stitch (5 together with 1 chain)
Slip Stitch

With one loop on the hook, either from a starting slip know or from the previous stitch, yarn over and pull the yarn through the loop.

Foundation chain - Set of chains and stitches that will form as the basis ("foundation") for your scarf.

Yarn Over 
To wrap your yarn around the hook

Treble Stitch or treble crochet
With one loop already on the hook, yarn over twice = 3 loops on hook. (see image b on the picture below)
Then insert the hook on the space that you want to make the stitch on.
Yarn over and pull the yarn through the space = 4 loops on the hook.
Yarn over and pull the yarn through 2 loops = 3 loops remaining on the hook.
Yarn over and pull the yarn through 2 loops = 2 loops left on the hook.
(Note: To make the flower stitches in this pattern, you will be chaining together a chain-5 with 3 or 5 treble stitches. In that case, you will pause here and leave the last loop of the treble stitch in the hook.  This will be closed when you do your final chain to stitch all the corresponding treble stitches together.  Please see the Beginning Flower Stitch and Flower Stitch images below.)

To make a full treble stitch as in the foundation chain:
Yarn over and pull the yarn through the last 2 loops = 1 loops remaining on the hook.

Slip Stitch
With one loop remaining on the hook, insert the hook into the chain-space to be joined (as in to close a ring or to finish a row, or to fasten off your work)  yarn over and pull the yarn through the chain space and the loop that was in the hook. A slip stitch does not result in added height.

pattern notes

·    Join stitch at the end of each row using a slip stitch.
·    Work only on the right side of your scarf. (Do not turn your scarf at the beginning of any row.)
·    Skills: Chain, Treble Stitch (4-6 loops together), Slip Stitch
Flower Stitches – please see instructions on Row 1 (Each row forms half of the flower stitch.  Hence, you will begin to see the full shape of the flower after the second row)

crochet away (procedure)

1.      Foundation Chain – make 40 
a.       Begin with a slip knot, Chain 5
b.      Treble stitch at the beginning of chain 5. 
Note: Make 40 (make more or less depending on how long you want your scarf to be) 
c.       Lay your work on a flat surface, make sure there are no twists/kinks on the chain. 
Slip Stitch to form a ring. (see image below)

2.      Row 1
a.       Beginning Flower Stitch. - 1 chain-5 and 3 treble stitches together = 4 loops together.
 (You will begin to see the flowers form on round 2)
i.                    Chain 5 (see image a)
ii.                  Treble Stitch into the same stitch as the chain-5, leave last loop in hook (total: 2 loops remaining on hook, see image b)
iii.                Do 2 treble stitches on the next joint, leaving last loops on hook (total: 4 loops in hook, see image c and d)
iv.                Yarn over and pull through all 4 loops (see image d and e).
v.                  Place stitch marker on the last resulting loop.  You will slip-stitch into this joint at the end of the row. (see image on b. Flower Stitch on the next page)

b.      Flower Stitch into remaining stitches around. 1 chain-5 and 5 treble stitches together = 6 loops together
i.                    Chain 5 (see image a below)
ii.                  Treble Stitch into the same stitch as the chain-5, leave last loop in hook (total: 2 loops remaining on hook, see image b below)
iii.                With 2 loops already on hook, do 2 treble stitches into the same joint as the last stitch of the starting flower stitch, leaving all last loops in the hook (total: 4 loops remaining on hook, see image c below)
iv.                With four loops already on the hook, Treble stitch into the next joint twice, leaving all last loops in the hook (total: 6 loops remaining on hook, see image e)
v.                  Yarn over and pull through all 6 loops (see image f).
vi.                Repeat flower stitches (i-v) on remaining stitches around.

c.       Last Stitch of the row.
i.                    With one loop remaining on hook, chain 5.
ii.                  Treble stitch on the same chain as the chain-5. (total: 2 loops remaining on hook)
iii.                Slip hook into the joint marked with a stitch marker, yarn over and pull through all loops.
iv.                Inspect your work occasionally in order to ascertain that the flowers are not missing any petals (or too much).  To correct an error, simply remove hook and pull the yarn gently until the error is unraveled.  Start those stitch all over.  
3.      Rows 2-10 – Repeat Row 1.  Work on the right side of the scarf only.  Do not turn your work at the beginning of each new row.
a.       Starting from Row 2, you will start seeing the flower form as the second half is stitched.
b.      You may add more rows depending on how wide you want your infinity scarf to be.
4.      Finishing
At the very last row (after 2.c.iii) Fasten off: Chain 1, pull yarn to about 4-6 inches.  Cut yarn and weave all ends using a tapestry needle. 

You may download a PDF file of this pattern through Etsy.  It won't let me post for free so you will need to pay $0.99... Don't worry, maybe in the future I will learn how to include downloadable PDF files in my blogpost :-)  Possibly Ravelry as well?  I tried but it did not work this time... soon perhaps.

Etsy link to PDF file: click here

I welcome any comments, suggestions or questions.  This is my very first pattern so I would appreciate your feedback to make it better.  I also have my first video tutorial in the works... We'll see what happens... *wink*

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope that you will have fun crocheting!

Take care...
xoxo Maya


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  1. That's a nice pattern that's easy to follow. Good you're patient in writing down the pattern. Well, I don't really know the names of the different stitches. I just crochet, that's all. Good job!

    1. Alam mo ate, yung mga kapatid na kasama kong naggantsilyo, ganyan din ang sabi. Marunong maggantsilyo pero di alam yung technical terms, hehe... Siguro gagawa ako ng maiikling video tutorials for my next post. Tapos tutorials din para sa ibang mga project... siguro sisikat din itong blog ko at kahit matanda na ako, puede pa ring pagkakitaan... hahaha.... Salamat nga pala sa pagka-supportive mo te. You are always very encouraging and motivating... Ingat palagi and keep posting and doing your crafts din ha?

  2. Congrats on your first pattern, written with great detail. I've always appreciated crocheted items but have never tried it myself.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog!I am following along on Google+ and Facebook.

    1. Thank you so much Kim. That's really kind of you to say. And thanks for all your support. I appreciate them greatly :-)


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