The Best Gel Polish Removal Wraps | Julep Party's Over, Sensationail Foil Wraps and Hands Down Bandage Style Wraps

In this post, I will be showing you comparisons of Gel Polish Removal Wraps
~ Julep Party's Over Rubber Caps
~ Sensationail Foil Wraps and
~ Hands Down Bandage Style Wraps

Julep's Party's Over is actually advertized as a glitter-polish removal kit.  The kit came with 10 rubber caps and pre-moistened, aloe infused remover pads.  For the removal of gel polish though, acetone will be needed.  So I used Julep Party's Over with the the Acetone and cotton pads on the photo below.  I'll save the remover pads that came with it for glitters :)

The Sensationail Foil wraps and the Hands Down bandage style wraps have built in cotton pads.  For all methods, I am using the same Acetone brand - ONYX Professional Pure Acetone from Walmart ($4.99).

Subject for observation will be my three middle fingers.  (Earlier comparison was done by using the same product on all of my 10 fingers.  For the sake of comparison in this post, I used three different wraps on my three middle fingers.)

This is the result after 10 minutes of soaking (recommended time is at least 15 minutes)
So farm the results are similar.  When I removed each wrap, the gel polish was softened enough to be pushed with a wooden orange stick.  The tips though are still in tact.

For resoaking, I used a new cotton pad moistened with Acetone with the Julep rubber cap.  As for the Sensationail Aluminum wrap, the same wrap was re-moistenend and re-used.  This is a thicker aluminum foil than the regular kitchen foil.  Whereas the regular kitchen foil weakens after crinkled on the first use, the Sensationail foil is resilient, can be re-flattened and re-used without problem.  Handsdown bandage style wraps also maintained it stickiness allowing for re-use. Re-soaking took another 10 minutes...  Total time needed to clean nails is 25 minutes.

This three products actually worked similarly time wise.  Because I used the same acetone, the time needed to remove the gel polish was the same for all three brands.  Here are the differences:

Hands down Bandage Style Wraps
Price: $35.00 Cad for 100 pieces (Regular Price: $0.35 cents each) Disposables.
Ease of Use: A little bit tricky to use specially for longer nails.  At my length, I had to wrap it unto my nails in a way where the tips are also soaked.  In the photo above, the tips were not soaked well, as a result, the tips did not remove well on the first try.  It can be a little hard to maneuver the wrap to cover the tips of the nails.

Sensationail Aluminum Wraps
Price: $6.00 Cad bought on sale, 30 pieces ($0.20 cents each)  Regular price is $12.00 for 30 pieces (That's $0.40 cents each) Disposables.
Ease of Use:  Easy.  Just wet the cotton attached to the foil and wrap it around the nails.  Crinkling the open ends and folding it towards the palm will ensure that the tips too are soaked.  You won't be able to use your hands for anything else during the soaking period.  Might as well, sit and watch a TV show, lol.

Julep Party's Over Rubber Caps
Price: $20.00 which includes the Polish remover wraps which is probably half the total price.
           The rubber caps are washable and re-usable.  That means for price, this is probably the cheapest option. (If I could use it for at least 10 times, that would be around $.10 cents each)
Ease of use: Very easy.  I moistened a piece of cotton, made sure that the cotton is long enough to bend over my tips as well.  I feel like the Acetone dries faster in this method compared to the other two.  But the result was the same, so maybe not... For my other hand, using a hand that is already covered in rubber caps, it was tricky to put on if I place the cotton over my finger first before the cap.  To make it easier, I inserted the moistened cotton in cap first, and then my finger.  The rubber caps are snug so I still had free use of my hand.  Just like advertized, I was able to flip though a book while soaking.  There was no spill at all, I was scared I would ruin my book with leaking Acetone.  But that did not happen at all.

In conclusion:
When properly applied, the removal results were the same and also used up the same soaking time!   
The difference lies in the price and ease of application. In this regard, I think the best one of these three is the Julep Party's Over rubber caps!
***I recommend using any of these methods with a wooden orange stick as it is more gentle than a metal cuticle pusher. Onyx Professional Acetone also works great and is the cheapest Acetone brand I could find (purchased from Walmart)


  1. I've been wondering about this. Right now I use cut up foil from the kitchen.But been dreaming of Julep Party's over. I might get myself one.

    1. Glad that this post helped. Take care! (p.s. let me know if you are able to get one of these....)

  2. WoooW awesome thing!! Thanks for sharing this!!

    1. Thank you Joanna. And thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I hope that many will discover your blog through the link that you left. Take care and I hope that you come and visit often.

  3. The removal kit is amazing..its a pity we dont have it in Ireland :(.. Great blog btw..i joined ur site :) if you are free please have a look at my blog - all the best, jola

    1. Thank you so much dear Jola... I have a duplicate set. May I invite you to come check my blog again soon? I will be having a blog sale in a few weeks. Summer is so short and it's packed with activities right now but I will put up the sale soon ;-) You might be interested in a few stuff....
      BTW, you have a great blog yourself! Keep up the great work and thanks for the follow, I really appreciate it. I followed you back :-)

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