Galaxy | Cosmic from Avon {Holographic Polish}

More swatches and nail art with Avon's Cosmic Holographic Polish called Galaxy
I am in love at how this holo polish sparkle and glitter. Can you tell?

Galaxy | Cosmic from Avon {Holographic Polish}

In this mani, I added Zoya's Pixie Dust in Vega.  This is another polish that I am totally in love with.  I think that this is the queen of all glitter polishes... lol... No, seriously!  I bought myself a collection of different kinds of glitters, as I thought, I can make my own mixtures of glitter polishes.  But this one is so irresistible.  I'm just waiting for some budget so I can get the summer collection. Hehehe, yeah I don't have those yet.  Anyway, back to Galaxy... isn't this blue holo so gorgeous?

Galaxy | Cosmic from Avon {Holographic Polish}

Look how it sparkles under the sunlight!!! 

Galaxy | Cosmic from Avon {Holographic Polish}

The only thing about Avon "Specialty Finish" polish is: They don't get reproduced.  So grab them before they are sold-out.  I bought these polishes a few months ago and I have not seen it in the catalogs recently.  Ask your local Avon lady if they have these on stock, you might get lucky.  If not, at least you know that Avon Polishes may be common and cheaper in price (actually, that's a good thing), but I totally recommend it for it's quality.


I hope that you enjoyed this polish swatch.  I have two more waiting for you:  Aurora Point and Starlight...  Please visit my blog frequently and please don't forget to leave a message :)  Take care ladies and have a nice day!  I wish you lots of love and happiness... xoxo Maya

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Thank you and have a fancy nails day! 

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  1. Agghhh!!! Why didn't I buy this one??

    1. I missed out on three other colors in this collection ~ and that is my sentiments exactly, lol... Are you getting their new Metallic Effects Polishes?


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