Pink Glamour and Glitter (Featuring Julep's Ava, Yumi and Paris)

Pink Glamour and Glitter 
Featuring Julep's Ava, Yumi and Paris

1. After applying base coat on my nails and letting it dry, I applied 2 coats of AVA as seen in the above photo.   I wasn't too worried about my french lines as I intend to put glitter on top.

The color is very light but the formula was opaque and it applied smoothly.  I would wear this polish on its own for a simple, delicate style ;)

2.  Next, I added YUM.  As mentioned, I applied Yumi over my french line and the entire ring-finger nail.  That will be my accent nail.

This glitter is a very pretty, rose gold, fine glitter.  I totally loved it.

3.  Next, I applied PARIS over Yumi to create a glitter-gradient effect.  I only applied it to the tip of my nail accent.

I had to fish a little bit for the glitters, using a toothpick to pick-up more glitter from the brush and place it on my nails.  The glitters cling to the brush and applies onto my nails very well.  Thanks to the thicker formula and the heavy amount of glitters in the bottle.  I just did the "fishing" a little bit to do some glitter placement to complete the glitter effect.

4.  Finally, I applied the Freedom Polymer Topcoat to protect and prolong my design ;)

I had so many complements for this design.  I wanted to use my Starlet Trio from Julep but I am sure that many different color combinations would look just as pretty.  I hope that you would try it.   

If you would like to try out Julep Nail Polishes, you may obtain your first box (3 polishes) for free.  Please check out my original Julep post.

Have a lovely weekend my dear friends and enjoy your pretty polished fingers ;)
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