My Beauty Spot Nail Polish and Microbeads (Design 1 - Light Pink) Plus Review

I have two shades of Pink that I want to share with you from the "My Beauty Spot" haul I did recently.  First, this very lovely, shimmery and delicate pink :)  On it's own is a very dainty, elegant polish.  Isn't it perfect for those quiet girly days... even a bridal shower?  Or it is excellent for a young girls' day-out as well...

What can I say about these little tiny dots... it's lovely, looks like candy. It's actually my first time using these micro-beads on my nails.  I am so scared that it would fall off or that I would accidentally eat it. :D Surprisingly, It stuck very well on my nails and it gave off some resistance when I was removing it.  So I guess it won't be that toxic... I applied a generous amount (twice) of clear polish to glue these babies on my nails.  And my, it turned out so cute... They really look like tiny candies. Don't you think?


The package I bought contained 4 polishes and 4 bottles of microbeads + 1 funnel.  The cost is $9.99 Cad+13% tax.  The microbeads are of very pretty vibrant colors and did not color-bleed with the particular top-coat I used (Avon's quick dry clear coat).  I haven't tried it with other top coat brands yet.  The formula is excellent.  First coat was sheer.  Second coat provided great opacity and coverage as you see in the photos.  The hues are beautiful. So far so good. 

The only thing I did not like is that it emitted a very strong nailpolish remover like smell.  The package also did not claim to be toxin free (3 free) but it also did not indicate the toxins in its list of ingredients.  The uncertainty makes me feel uncomfortable. 


My lovely gold bow ring is purchased from ebay for a really great deal.  I paid US $1.84 for this with 7 other rings!  This little gem alone is totally worth that price already.  You know ebay... the waiting time can be a little disadvantageous but that's nothing compared to the value.  So I totally recommend purchasing it from Ebay :)  I will show you friends the rest of the rings later on... please come back and visit again ;) 

Ciao Bella!

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Thank you and have a fancy nails day!

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