Yellows and Florals (Pure Ice Nail Polish)

Some pretty and bright colors for you today... 
Can you tell I am quite hopeful of spring?  I wish that tomorrow the sun would finally show us mercy and drive all the snow away...  That finally spring will be here and let the blossoms grow.  In the meantime,... well, let's enjoy some cute, pastel-colored mini-cupcakes while we enjoy a yellow-floral-mani.  Shall we?

Flowers, flowers, flowers.... awaiting spring...
I used Pure Ice "Show Stopper"... what a lovely bright yellow indeed...  It glistens in the light, yet it is subtly bright in the shade.  I thought it is just perfect.  Some gold striping tape for some elegance and style... and a mix of complimenting shades for some rosettes on the accent-nail. 

The rosettes looks very elegant and they are surprising easy to do...  One of these days I may post a tutorial ;)  These flowers always gets me feel-good complements from friends ;)

So, what do you think of this color?  Have you tried this polish before?  How did you like it?

Would you like a cupcake? :)

Please leave your comments below.
I sincerely hope that you have a great day...

Ciao Bellas!,

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