A floral design featuring "HOLLY" from Julep

It was another stormy day and the snow is piling fast outside.  The cold wind and the gloomy skies make everything outside the window dark and sad...  Good thing I could cuddle up in a blanket near this lovely fireplace and enjoy it's warmth.  Oh, keeping up with it made my hands and nails black with charcoal and my right thumbnail was compromised.  That is sad but I cared more for the warmth.  The clean-up afterwards inspired me to do a whole pampering-session for my hands and walah!  I got inspired to finish up the works with a nice nail art.

I started with "Holly" from Julep - a beautiful, shimmery, dark green with a bluish tone to it.  It applied quite nicely over my basecoat.  It was opaque and the consistency was great.  But I opted to apply two thin coats as usual.  I added "Portia" also from Julep, a mix of green, blue and silver glitters, over a gradient-dab of "Holly" for some pretty effect. The minty green is called "Jade" from Avon.

Then staring at the polish to dry, waiting for a few minutes... You know what happens next - Yup, to add this and that... and I came up with some flower petals...

Finished it up with my favorite topcoat - the Freedom Polymer from Julep. What do you think of the outcome?

Please do comment below and let me know your opinion.  I hope you have a happy and refreshing weekend :)

~* Maya *~

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Thank you and have a fancy nails day! 

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